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Your BT21 Essentials

Laila Amer

Posted on October 19 2018

The new BT21 items in our store has all of our head's spinning! Nobody can get enough, whether it be the plushies, shoes or PJs! This is a list of all the best pieces that we're sure you would all love! 

The PJs and Lounge Wear

First of are these amazing pajama sets. They're all so cute, plus, how amazing is it to have matching Pajama sets with BTS? You can choose from all the BT21 characters, and match with your bias! 

Next are the simple lounge wear than could be slept in, or just worn on lazy days! A simple wardrobe staple are some sweatpants and a black t-shirt, so why not stack up some more and have some BT21 sets! Such as these adorable fluffy RJ sweatpants:

Or the Chimmy pair:

There are also many other characters! These sweatpants are 100% cotton, which means they're extremely gentle on the skin as well as being so soft! These sweatpants also are available in grey and white, so there are option for those who don't like black! To match with the pants, there are the 100% cotton t-shirts, such as these "Cooky Face Patch" tops!

Or the "Koya Face Patch" top:

There are pairs of the tshirts and sweatpants available in every character, just search them up on the tab and voilà! 


The star of the shoes section today is most definitely these "BT21 Low Top" Shoes! They're comfy, colourful and fun! The mismatched shoe laces add so much uniqueness to your look and will definitelty catch people's attention!

The illustrations on the shoes are adorable and almost seem sticker like, which add a touch of cuteness to your look! Both shoelaces have a wonderful dot pattern on them that add a lot to the shoes in a subtle way!

On days where your shoes may not match your outfit, BT21 socks are perfect! They are a subtle touch of BTS to your everyday routine that will easily just brighten your day up! Pick your favorite, or if you can't decide, collect them all!


Sweaters and Hoodies

Everybody need a basic black sweater that they absoltely love, so it would just make sense to have a BT21 hoodie that you would just want to curl up in! A great option is the "BT21 Characters" Graphic Sweaters that is simple and comfortable, making is a versatile piece!

Even more adorable is the "BT21 Chimmy Mustard" Graphic Sweaters that is just pure perfection! The design is adorable and so well made, we can't help but love it! Also available as a hoodie, your options are endless!


Not only that, but what's also perfect for any foodie are these "BT21 RJ Popcorn"  Graphic Sweaters that are just so cute! The popcorn looks absolutely delicious and RJ just blends in so well!

Suga's choice is the "BT21 Shooky No Milk" Graphic Sweaters, while he wears the t-shirt, you can opt for a the sweater or hoodie for the upcoming winter seasons! 


Next up are the amazing plushies! They're so perfect for filling your room up with and just add a great splash of color to any room! As halloween is coming up, these "BT21 Halloween" Standing Dolls are perfect to spooky up your room with!

For all year round plushies, these "BT21" Standing Doll ones are just right! There are a great selection and are perfect collectibles!

If you prefer cushions, these "BT21" Face Cushions will work perfectly! Also great collectibles and extremely soft, these are perfect for any room in the house!

Finally, are these simple "BT21" Phone Charm that are simple and subtle accessories! You can attach them to your phone, bag or just hang it somewhere in your room! They're so cute and are great little charms!

The BT21 collection is just giving us life, and we sure it is with you all as well! Make sure to share with us your own collections at @my_KawaiiNation to be featured next week!

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  • Ren: December 29, 2018

    Omggg the rj popcorn jumper plus the bt21 low top shoes together make such a cute outfitttt 😭😭❤️

  • Kat: November 03, 2018

    Omggg they’re so cute!!!

  • Esra: October 20, 2018

    All of them are so cute!

  • Z. Esra Erdoğan: October 20, 2018

    All of them are so cute! I’m in love with this kawaii things, I’m looking forward to buy some t-shirts with this theme♡

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